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High temperatures: 45881: BASE 45889 with CURING AGENT 95881
Low to medium temperatures: 45880: BASE 45889 with CURING AGENT 95880
Description: HEMPADUR MASTIC 45880/45881 is a two-component polyamide adduct cured, high
solids, high build epoxy paint. It forms a hard and tough coating, has good wetting
properties and low temperature curing.
Recommended use: As a selfprimed, surface tolerant paint system or as an intermediate or finishing coat in
heavy duty paint systems where low VOC and high film build are required.
Multipurpose coating as per specification for maintenance including ballast tanks and
underwater hull and new steel in those cases, where a need for few products
outweighs more specialised coatings.
Can be specified where extended recoating properties for polyurethane topcoats are
requested (typically travel coating). May be used directly on cured zinc silicate
(GALVOSIL products) or spray-metallized surfaces to minimize popping.
As a topcoat where the usual outdoor cosmetic appearance of epoxy paints is
Service temperatures: Maximum, dry exposure only: 120°C/248°F
Certificates/Approvals: Tested for non-contamination of grain cargo at the Newcastle Occupational Health,
Great Britain. Complies with Section 175.300 of the Code of Federal Regulations in
respect of carriage of dry foodstuffs (FDA) in spaces with an internal surface area larger
than 1000 m²/10,750 sq.ft.
HEMPADUR MASTIC 45881 is in accordance with Aramco’s specification APCS 1, APCS
12, APCS 26 and 26T.
Classified as class 1 material according to BS 476: Part 7: 1997 (fire testing).
HEMPADUR MASTIC 45880 is approved as a low flame spread material by Danish,
French, Spanish, Singaporean, Malaysian and Indonesian authorities according to IMO
resolution MSC 61 (67).
Has a French, Spanish, Danish, Singaporean, Malaysian and Indonesian EC-type
Examination Certificate.
Complies with EU Directive 2004/42/EC, subcategory j.
Please see REMARKS overleaf.
Availability: Part of Group Assortment. Local availability subject to confirmation.
Version, mixed product: 45880 45881
Colours/Shade nos: Grey/12170* Grey/12170*
Finish: Semi--gloss Semi--gloss
Volume solids, %: 77 ± 1 77 ± 1
Theoretical spreading rate: 3.9 m²/litre - 200 micron 3.9 m²/litre - 200 micron
154 sq.ft./US gallon - 8 mils 154 sq.ft./US gallon - 8 mils
Flash point: 35°C/95°F 35°C/95°F
Specific gravity: 1.4 kg/litre - 11.7 lbs/US gallon 1.4 kg/litre - 11.7 lbs/US gallon
Dry to touch: 4 (approx) hours at 20°C/68°F 3 (approx) hours at 30°C/86°F
Fully cured: 7 days at 20°C/68°F 5 days at 30°C/86°F
V.O.C.: 220 g/litre - 1.8 lbs/US gallon 220 g/litre - 1.8 lbs/US gallon
*Wide range of colours available via Hempel's MULTI-TINT system.
The physical constants stated are nominal data according to the HEMPEL Group's approved formulas. They are
subject to normal manufacturing tolerances and where stated, being standard deviation according to ISO 3534-1.
Version: 45880 45881
Mixing ratio: Base 45889 : Curing agent 95880 Base 45889 : Curing agent 95881
3 : 1 by volume 3 : 1 by volume
Application method: Airless spray Brush (touch up) Airless spray Brush (touch up)
Thinner (max. vol.): Depending on purpose usually less than 5% THINNER 08450 (See REMARKS overleaf)
Pot life: 1 hour (20°C/68°F) (Airless spray) 1½ hour (30°C/86°F) (Airless spray)
2 hours (20°C/68°F) (Brush) 2 hours (30°C/86°F) (Brush)
Nozzle orifice: .017"-.023" (See separate APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS)
Nozzle pressure: 250 bar/3600 psi (Airless spray data are indicative and subject to adjustment)
Cleaning of tools: HEMPEL’S TOOL CLEANER 99610 or HEMPEL'S THINNER 08450
Indicated film thickness, dry: 200 micron/8 mils (see REMARKS overleaf)
Indicated film thickness, wet: 275 micron/11 mils
Recoat interval, min/max: According to separate APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS
Safety: Handle with care. Before and during use, observe all safety labels on packaging and paint
containers, consult.............

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